Superior Acoustic Enclosures for Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps.

Environ is a leading manufacturer of high quality Environmental Acoustic Enclosures which control noise pollution produced by outdoor mechanical equipment.

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Whisper quiet - Acoustic enclosures

Our Environmental Enclosures offer an innovative solution to a complex problem. Unwanted noise can present problems with installation of mechanical equipment. Our industrial sound enclosures can help achieve optimal noise reduction whilst providing ventilation, performance and safeguarding the environment.

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Don’t let noise or visual constraints Get in the way of your next project.

Our unique Environmental Enclosure systems provide a complete package solution for larger HVAC equipment, where
noise and visual constraints are an issue on your project.

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Ensure your guests have the perfect nights sleep
Commercial applications
Enclosure system
For the quiet life
Domestic applications
Grey air conditioning unit


Keep your neighbours and planning authorities happy

Noise from Air conditioning or Condenser type equipment can be quite intrusive. And whatever brand or model you have, or plan to use, this equipment is likely to emit a lot of noise, often causing annoyance to neighbours or additional complications when attaining planning permission. Our acoustic enclosures take all this stress away.

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Whisper quiet

Significantly reduces equipment generated noise across a wide frequency spectrum.


Unique airflow management aids ventilation through the enclosure maximising equipment performance.


No moving pieces or parts ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Secure & Vandal Proof

Built to last with tamper proof door locks to protect you air conditioning unit.

Neat & Discreet

Aesthetically pleasing design in a wide choice of finishes to enhance installation appearance.

Easy Install

Fully factory built, self-assembly or Environ contractor options available to suit all project requirements.


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Patented air flow technology

Our patented Environmental Enclosure systems are widely recognised as one of the leading solutions to control noise, security and equipment degeneration for package outdoor equipment.

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Environ products offer peace of mind to mechanical plant noise issues.

Environ solutions can assist the decision making process.

High quality acoustic materials and parts are used in all our products.

Compact service footprint allows freedom of location.

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"The enclosures are well designed, unobtrusive and almost invisible to sight, the perfect solution for noise sensitive areas."

Ian Pritchard

AFM Contract Manager

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Designed and manufactured in the UK, our enclosure products have been at the forefront of environmental noise control, silencing heat pumps, air conditioning and other types of mechanical plant.

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