New to the UK Market - PDB 411M

Award winning, patented, automatic door bottom drop seal technology for acoustic, smoke, fire, security & sustainability

  • Introducing market first - full aluminium sealing bar for complete protection.
  • Operates off new patented arm-controlled mechanism.

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Fire & Smoke

Meets 60 minute
fire and smoke rating.


Secures the threshold gap,
STOPS unauthorised entry.


Matches door rating up to
Rw/STC 52dB.


Provides sustainable control
of draught / energy loss.

The Next Generation of Automatic Door Bottom Drop Seals

The PDB 411M has revolutionised the performance criteria of drop seals. It is the only drop seal to offer a complete, all-in-one, sealed in place solution for the acoustic, fire, smoke, sustainability and energy / heat loss problems at the bottom of every door.

Introducing the PDB Drop Seal

  • Only complete solution for sound, fire, smoke, energy and security
  • Introducing market first – full aluminium sealing bar for complete protection
  • Operates off patented arm-controlled mechanism
    Only requires a low door closing force
  • Easy to install & aesthetically pleasing
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Introducing the PDB 411M

Manufactured exclusively in the UK, our aspiration is to become the first choice for customers looking for a best in class, complete door sealing solution.

PDB 411M (mortised drop seal)

ModelPDB 411M – Motised Seal
Standard FinishAnodised Aluminium casing 6063 T6
Special FinishCustomer choice powder coated
ApplicationDoor bottom or door head for wood, steel or composite doors
Threshold plateNo requirement
ActuationNon handed single-sided, sliding actuator
Door bottom channel dimensionsWidth – 15mm / Depth – 37mm
Sealing bar dropUp to 15mm drop.
Size range300 mm to 1800 mm.
Practical max length 2400 mm.
Bar Drop AdjustmentSelf levelling on uneven surfaces.
2:1 drop ratio

Technical Data | Assembly Instructions

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