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For over a decade Environ has pioneered the design and development of a unique proprietary acoustic enclosure to eliminate noise emissions from outdoor plant equipment.

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A high quality and sustainable solution

Our patented system delivers a high quality and sustainable solution to customers in a rapidly changing industry. Our products are used to solve noise problems throughout the UK from private individuals to large organisations.

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Our Enclosure System

Our patented Environmental Enclosure is a unique device

Incorporating clever acoustic principals to achieve optimal noise attenuation and ventilation performance.

Originally developed around three ideas; sound insulation, sound absorption and incident sound wave cancellation, all of which contribute to high sound reduction characteristics and superior field performance.

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Optimised air flow

Furthermore, the Environ system optimises airflow efficiencies using passive air path routing technology, all within a compact framework.

  • Superior noise solution
  • Sustainable material construction
  • Secure and vandal proof
  • Unobtrusive attractive design
  • Reduces equipment degeneration
  • Factory built or Flat pack options

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Did you know...

Noise from comfort cooling installations usually range between 50-70dBA decibels. During the night a natural ambient environment is typically 30-35dBA decibels.

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