two air source heat pumps


Are air source heat pumps noisy?

Posted on 30th June 2021

In the UK, our government are actively promoting air source heat pumps as a replacement for outdated and inefficient boiler systems in homes. Air source heat pumps are a greener alternative to air conditioners and boilers. There is a catch though, as they do come with a reputation for being noisy. What is an air […]


What is an acoustic enclosure?

Posted on 17th June 2021

An acoustic enclosure – sometimes called sound or noise enclosures, or soundproof enclosures – are soundproof chambers designed to keep noise in or out. They can be small and portable or building-sized…


How does soundproofing work?

Posted on 12th May 2021

Although sound cannot be completely blocked, it can be greatly reduced. Using materials to block sound is referred to as ‘soundproofing’…