Environ Sound Cover

A range of high quality semi-acoustic covers for Air Source Heat Pumps. Based on a simple and elegant louvre design that seamlessly integrates into your space. Ideal for reducing ASHP noise to minimising disturbance and comply with regulations.

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Perfect for residential

Designed for horizontal flow systems with one or two fans and compatible with all air source equipment.  Environ Sound Cover has this covered and is ideal for residential applications.

Why use Sound Cover?

Air source heat pumps can be noisy when situated in a domestic setting.  Sometimes upsetting neighbours and disturbing sleep.  Environ Sound Cover proactively deals with this at source negating noise anxiety and allowing users to enjoy the benefits of their new heat pump.

Seamlessly aesthetic in appearance to ensure minimal visual impact.

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  • Quietens heat pump noise by up to 8dBA (decibels)
  • Elegant slimline design seamlessly blends into any environment
  • High quality aluminium construction with powder coated finish
  • Integrated anti-vibration, condensate drain tray & lift out louvres
  • Increases heat pump life-span by introducing a stable operating environment
  • Maximises the benefits of a heat pump


Lower noise levels

6-8 decibels

Compact design

Wide choice of colours


Seamless design

Good neighbour

Minimises noise disturbance

Optimises ventilation

Reduces solar gain

Easy installation

No maintenance

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