Bespoke Acoustic Solutions

At Environ, we can "design and build" bespoke Environmental Enclosure Systems for special equipment applications, such as generators, that require high levels of attenuation and air flow performance to meet specific project requirements.

Bespoke product
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Complete service

Environ offer a complete design, manufacture and installation service to suit all types and size of power generation plant. Our unique modular design lends itself neatly to this type of application, with design and site installation lead times being very short.

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HVAC Plant

Our Enclosures provide unbeatable noise and security characteristics for maximum performance

Over the years advances have been made in this engine technology and yet nominal performance gains have been made with relation to noise output.

As a result, the problem still remains as to the practical location of HVAC equipment to minimise noise disturbance.

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Superior Noise Performance

Significantly reduces equipment noise levels across a wide frequency spectrum. Built in anti-vibration mountings and drip tray assembly.

Efficient Air Flow Dynamics

Unique airflow management aids ventilation through the enclosure maximising equipment performance.

Engineered Solutions

Bespoke acoustic systems designed for refrigeration condensers, chillers and heat pumps.

Engineer Friendly

Lift off doors, power sockets and internal lighting. Fully demountable for maintenance accessibility.

Choice of Finishes

Wide choice of finishes to enhance installation appearance. Standard exterior colour RAL7015.

Flexible Installation

Fully factory built, self-assembly or Environ contractor support to suit all project requirements.


These are our most frequently asked questions, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Not usually. We would always recommend speaking to your installer for clarification.

Typically 4-6 weeks depending on project size.

No, but we can recommend an approved installer with relevant fitting experience. We also offer a factory pre-assembled option.

Initially, just the equipment make & model. As projects progress we may request additional information.

Standard exterior colour RAL7015 grey. However most RAL colours are available. We can also offer special finishes such as timber effect paintwork.


View our case studies to understand how we help our customers. if you have any questions, please contact us.

Having worked with Environ on numerous projects over the years, I have always found them to be reliable, professional with great designs for overcoming acoustic issues. They have always provided great support and accurate technical information which facilitates them to provide and excellent all round service.

Lee Hopkins

Sales and Contracts Manager

Patented air flow technology

Our patented Environmental Enclosure systems are widely recognised as one of the leading solutions to control noise, security and equipment degeneration for package outdoor equipment.

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Environ products offer peace of mind to mechanical plant noise issues.

Environ solutions can assist the decision making process.

High quality acoustic materials and parts are used in all our products.

Compact service footprint allows freedom of location.

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