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Domestic Heat Pump Enclosure Solutions

If you are planning to install a heat pump system at your home, you will most likely have to consider noise and the impact on neighbouring properties. Heat pumps unfortunately make noise and this is unavoidable.

Air Source Heat PumpHow Noisy?

In the UK new noise legislation is being introduced to limit the environmental impact of operating noise from air-source heat pump equipment -

This means that in many cases, that this type of equipment will be subjected to tighter regulation as far as noise and sometimes aesthetics is concerned.

Air Source Heat PumpAdvantages for Home Owners and Installers

If you are a domestic user or installer, using one of our Environmental Enclosures could not make more sense. Our unobtrusive systems have been designed to provide maximum performance along with distinctive enhancements to any air-source heat pump installation. Plus are easy to install as well.

Moreover, our Enclosures are completely weatherproof, built to last, compact and compatible with virtually any make of air source heat pump system available on the market today.

So, we guarantee our customers a quieter, more secure, neater looking installation, for years to come.

Why not contact us to find out more about our Environmental Enclosure range and see how Environ can add value to your installation.