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Commercial HVAC Solutions

Our unique Environmental Enclosure systems provide a complete package solution for larger HVAC equipment, where noise and visual constraints are an issue on your project.

VRV UnitDesigned to compliment all types of commercial plant installation, our systems significantly reduce the impact of noise (27-28dBA quieter), improve the overall appearance of the installation and deliver equipment efficiencies.


Our Enclosures are compatible with many types of outdoor plant;

Commercial HVAC Solution
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
  • Outdoor Chiller Units
  • Condensing Plant
  • Refrigeration Packs

Convenient features such as access doors for maintenance, service points for neater pipe work runs add to the advantages of our systems, whilst airflow management via our unique airway system go to ensure zero loss in equipment performance.

As a commercial solution, we believe, nothing else comes close.