Environ Technologies

Environmental Enclosure Solutions . . at a Glance

Domestic Heat Pumps Commercial Equipment Packaged Plant Bespoke Systems

Compatible with all Brands, Makes and Models

25-27dBA quieter

Unobtrusive Design suitable for all locations

Protects Equipment from Elements

25-27dBA quieter

Protects Equipment Inside

Improves Appearance

Flexible Design For Model Compatibility

New build or Retro-fit Option

Quiet Equipment Operation 24/7

Vandal Proof & Secure

Improves Appearance

Ideal Solution for Sensitive Locations

Protects Equipment from Elements

Tailored Design - Manufacture - Install - Bespoke Modular Enclosures for special projects

  • Diesel Generators
  • Chillers Sets
Refrigeration Packs
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Why use Environ?

  • Silent air con & heat pump operations
  • Improves appearance of equipment installation
  • Considerate neighbour
  • Reduces equipment degeneration
  • Secure and vandal proof - no additional security needed
  • Eliminates noise problems
  • Supplied flat pack or fully assembled
  • Integrated Services and Electrical access points
  • Commissioning, Service and Maintenance access through lockable access panels
  • Simple to install