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Noise Performance

Environ Enclosure products are designed with noise reduction performance in mind. Our acoustic engineers have developed a unique range of Environmental Enclosures that are not only compatible with virtually all makes and model of outdoor AC equipment - but designed specifically to eliminate noise altogether and improve our environment.

Illustration: Outdoor Air Conditioning Comparison - With/Without Environ Enclosure

Noise Output dB(A) Comparable between Standard AC Unit and Environ Enclosed Unit

Noise Data

Our Enclosure Systems have been designed to achieve the highest possible noise attenuation characteristics across a wide frequency spectrum. The table below provides Insertion Loss performance common to all of our Environmental Enclosure Equipment.

Octave Frequency in Hertz (dB Ref 2 x 10-5 Pascal's)
63 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k
12 13 20 29 36 37 39 39
Overall Reduction of 25dB(A)

Solution Comparison

Solution Benefits/
Application Performance
Environ Enclosure Most effective solution for outdoor equipment

High performance noise control
Outdoor mechanical equipment ie AC, heat pumps, chillers 25-27dBA
Acoustic Screen/Barrier Deflects noise elsewhere

Limited use
Outdoor mechanical equipment ie AC, heat pumps, chillers Up to 12dBA
Splitter Pod/Attenuator Absorbs noise effectively

Not practical for AC/heat pump equipment
Duct work 5-20dBA
Acoustic Louvre Limited application/acoustic performance Plant rooms and Equipment enclosures 5-10dBA